Salauddin Ahmed, Founder and Principal at Atelier Robin Architects in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  His works inquire the aspects of discovery vs. invention in the practice of architecture and its overlapping boundaries.  Architecture as a way to explore one’s own position in the society, he believes in breaking boundaries only to find new possibilities within the old.  He believes in the multi disciplinary, which is a way to be good in the practice of architecture.  Thus, he is a part of a larger circle where society lays its foundation for future yet to come.

Salauddin Ahmed is the founder of Atelier Robin Architects.  He holds the Principal Architect’s position in the practice and has been a driving force in running a 12 person’s office since 2001.  He is also the founding member of Mongolbarer Shabha, a forum for architect, in Bangladesh and also the executive member of the Bengal Institute of Architecture  | Landscapes  | Settlements. 2015.  Besides his full-time practice, he is involved with the local universities and takes part in teaching as a visiting faculty. In his recent endeavors, he has explored the field of curatorial work for the Chobi Mela 2015, Architectural Exhibition at Café Mango 2015, Muslin, Our Story at National Museum 2016.