At times, architecture appears monochromatic in its being and in line with everyday living, architecture often gets considered as objects of fancy. But what is architecture and how do we begin to grasp its value, is rather a subject of deep understanding of a society’s becoming.  What we see, hear, touch, smell and taste gives us a sense of physical reality.  We understand the world around us with their help.  Our physical reality allows us to form both our cognitive and empirical maps.  Our awareness of the built environment gets reflected in our constructed reality not only for understanding it but also for not.  Our everyday judgments on selecting matters are often guided by how we understand our own landscapes and its architecture.  In setting up places and making their architecture, we, as architects, allow others to participate and also help them to understand the hidden possibilities of any place that may otherwise be developed as missed opportunity.  In the process, the body of knowledge that we gather helps us to appreciate and express our aesthetic value and our respect for what is already there.  We begin to unearth the nature in and around us. We get curious on the phenomenon that we are a part of.  To be or not to be, the age-old question, begin to get answered when we allow architecture to be not just a backdrop but also an integral part in our day-to-day living. In the mist of architecture’s sublime strength, we often get disoriented and miss the obvious; Architecture, the mirror of what we truly are and what we truly believe, in making our own society.  So, in discovering ourselves as part of a sustainable environment, we cannot ignore the importance of architecture. We cannot take architecture just for our existential values.  For all the hidden, yet, unavoidable stimulus, architecture must be respected and allowed to be transcended from the darkness to light, from opaque to transparent, from obtrusive to obvious.


I, as an architect, feel that the grayness of our understanding is also a blessing in disguise.   Countless attempts to define architecture in the sphere of analogy gave architects of each successive generation an infinite hardship, combined with room to maneuver. At times, the elusive, hidden, and ephemeral spirit of architecture has kept not only individuals, but also the entire society pre-occupied. Thus, I don't consider myself at a loss or at a gain, whenever I am in the thick of this concern. For me, architecture is a living organ and it exists among the greater essence of living. I exist because of it. Architecture gives the presence of absence in me and makes me a part of the entirety that we all live in, and live with. Architecture is continuous and ever changing, but never stagnated or disjointed.