Karim Residence
Location : Bashudhara RA, Dhaka.
Start Date : 1.6.2010 , End Date : 1.5.2011
Karim Residence Principal Architect: Salauddin Ahmed Team: Md. Shamiul Huda, Md. Osman Goni, Kafi Newaz Khan, Md. Masudul Islam Size: 17000 sft Between 2005 and 2010, Karim Residence, a three-storied residential building, took its journey from the designer’s desk to its site for it to be physically experienced. The site, part of a neighborhood, where buildings edge shoulder to shoulder, gave the work its internal logics and drew its architecture from its context. Overlapped being the concept, the project pushed its literal and phenomenal boundaries both in plan and in section. The undulated floor plate at the ground level and all the punctuations through the floor plates at various levels are an intended reminder to its users that the architecture of Karim Residence has an unsettling relationship with its claimed ground. The work attempts to transcribe the temporality of life and living through its material construct. Of many materials to choose from, only few were chosen for its realization. Brick to contain its overlapped spaces, Reinforced Concrete to give it structural stability and Timber to define its openings toward its context. In doing so, the various parts of the whole, somewhat represent beyond the given and allures to have a conversation of its becoming. With its 134 doors and pulled out verandah from the core to the outer skin and beyond, it only testifies its constant intention to be a part of the collective and be a part of much larger fabric that all architecture dwell. In the end, the work represents an interpretation of modern-day living with rich cultural values in the realm of domesticity.