Ishtiaq Hossain Residence
Location : Nikonja-1, Dhaka
Start Date : 1.1.2012 , End Date : 1.1.2014
Ishtiaque Residence Principal Architect: Salauddin Ahmed Team: Kaiser Hamid, Kafi Newaz Khan Size: Approx 4,326 sft The adversarial shape and size of the site was a challenge in accommodating the program for a comfortable layout, especially for a residence plan. In response to the site, the building received a triangulated shape despite the tight corners, interior spaces allowed for the fresh air and generous ambience. The outer expression of the building was more an abstraction than a literal expression of the interior. Peripheral walls were clad with Serra Board, an architectural cladding material, expresses timber like surface quality and punctuated with larger windows whenever required, creating a series of curious thresholds between the insider and outsider. In its three levels above the ground and the basement below, the residence offered three bedrooms with their required ancillary spaces, living room with a comfortable veranda, family space, large working kitchen, rooftop garden and a water garden around the property.