Outfall Staff Quarter Children Park
Location : Maniknagar, Dhaka
Start Date : 22.10.2018 , End Date : 22.10.2019
Principle Architect: Salauddin Ahmed Team: Sumaiya Ameen, Tanushree Dutta, Taiyeba Nafrin Poushi, Azita Tasnim. Size: 11,400 sft The presented project, Outfall Stuff Quarter Children Park/Playground is an attempt to understand more embedded possibilities. As architects, we thought of bringing back the fundamental truth about a place and its inhabitants. We also offered the cultivated spaces which have always been there, ingrained in the greater fabric of the Dhaka. Our belief is on the humanity than human only. The ecology that we a part of is beyond human only. It is important to live a life but what is even more important is to leave a life for others to aspire.